A 1930s metal biscuit tin labelled '3 Bears Cottage' and made by MacFarlane Lang of Glasgow and London.

We are Paul and Julia Andrews and we live in the Flemish city of Bruges (Brugge) in Belgium. This website "Three Bears Cottage", is our online shop.  We sell antiques, collectables and second-hand homeware, jewellery and accessories. 

Bruges is a well-preserved medieval city, intelligently modernised and still full of cobbled streets and Gothic design. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site and a pleasure to visit. It's a compact city with a welcoming, international outlook. It has great hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, small independent shops and boutiques and plenty of things to see: https://www.visitbruges.be/en.

Bruges is called Brugge in its native Dutch or Flemish. To pronounce Brugge correctly, you should really ask a Bruggeling, but try breaking it into two syllables: "Brugg-e". The "gg" can be pronounced like the "ch" in the Scottish "loch" and the "e" is a short sound like "uh" or "er".

We were both born in 1960s London, and first met in 1980 while working in London's West End. We lived in North Wales for almost 30 years and moved to Belgium in 2020.

We try to only sell the things that we would like to own ourselves and we try to be fair, honest and truthful in everything we do with this website and for our customers. If you want to ask or tell us anything, you can email us at help@3bearscottage.eu, or see our contact page.

This page was last update 11 May 2021.