David J White Small Square Teapot

A signed, handmade, studio pottery pink and cream teapot with bamboo handle. Second-hand.

What's for sale?

This is a small, signed, studio pottery teapot by David White, the late and highly regarded potter from the South coast of England.

The shape is a rounded, square-sided box, with arched bamboo handle, upturned spout, a cute, little lid and four ball feet.

On the sides are an inscribed pattern of waves and the teapot has been finished with a delicate glaze of cream and speckled pinks.

Who made it and when?

It was made by British potter David White, who produced pottery from around 1961 until his death in 2011. He worked in porcelain and blended glazes to produce varied and beautiful effects. He was known for making notes on each firing so the results could be accurately reproduced. On the base of the teapot is his stylised, "DW" mark.

What condition is it in?

  • Second-hand
  • In excellent, undamaged condition

What are the measurements?

  • 20cm high to the top of the handle
  • 16.5cm from spout to the back of the teapot
  • 7.5cm depth
  • 626 grams

If you have questions or would like more detailed pictures, just send us an email to help@3bearscottage.co.uk.

David J White
Late 20th century (1950-1999)
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