Val Sparkes Medium Shipping Forecast Jug

A handmade, colourful design inspired by the traditional British radio shipping forecast. New.

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What's for sale?

This is a medium-size, handmade, earthenware jug by the British potter Val Sparkes. It has a wide, chunky look, with a large handle and wide spout. It is slightly taller than the large jug we have, but not as long or as wide.

This is her 'Shipping Forecast' design, comprising large blocks of colour and a lone figure walking along the inked outline of a cliff top. Over the top of this, in typewriter font, are extracts from a weather forecast and the names of some of the shipping areas found around the British coast. On this jug, the glaze on the outside has a slightly rough, sandy texture, presumably to match the subject matter.

Her earlier designs, such as the 'Tiptoe' range tended to feature animals, but designs like this from later on featured the sea. This 'Shipping Forecast' design was first introduced around 2013 and was inspired by the national shipping weather forecast broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Click this link for an affectionate look at the shipping forecast.

Who made it and when?

This was made by the British potter Val Sparkes. She introduced the 'Shipping Forecast' range around 2013. This example would be among the last she produced before her retirement in 2018. Her printed mark on the base reads:

  • handmade
  • in ENGLAND
  • by val sparkes

What condition is it in?

  • New and unused, bought direct from the artist
  • In excellent condition

What are the measurements?

  • 11cm high (over 4.25 inches)
  • 20cm from spout to handle (just under 8 inches)
  • 11cm wide (over 4.25 inches)
  • 581 grams
  • 750ml capacity

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Val Sparkes
21st century (2000 on)
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